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Why Ballpoint Pens Work – even Today

Among all the inventions done by human, the ballpoint pen must be the one that has undergone so many changes and patents that came with different individuals with every change it went through. Ballpoint pens came as another form with its own advantages at a period when fountain pens were enjoying their unshared attention and need from the consumers. With the ballpoint pens being low-maintenance and much less messy, it didn’t take long for it to create its mark in the area of writing.

Many people do not walk around without a ballpoint pen tucked into their bags or briefcase; some even carry all the colors. Convenient, simple and cheap, this writing tool has enabled millions of people over the world to do away with the complex fountain pens.

Ballpoint pens make use of a small rotating ball at the tip of it that spreads the ink over the sheet of paper following the pattern used to write each character. The ink is kept within a reservoir, which is normally a thin tube that’s constructed from plastic. The ink that comes from such types of pens dries fast on the paper and so avoids any sort of spillage. As much as the ball rotates freely, it is still held tight by a socket. The rolling mechanism of these ballpoint pens puts the ink on the paper depending on how the writer wants it to come and at the same time seals the ink from drying in the filler.

It’s clear what makes the ballpoint pens different from the fountain pens.

o You do not need to fill it up with ink each time you write but you can use it for days.

o You writing remains consistent without overflow of ink everywhere. This implies that your paper remains neat.

o As soon as you complete the ink you can throw the pen away and buy a new one. Ballpoint pens are a whole lot cheaper than fountain pens.

o It’s also allows you to write much faster compared to when using a fountain pen.

o Ballpoint pens have inks of a wide variety of colors. These pens may have caps or lack them. Pens without caps operate on the retreating technology in which you press the knob in the rear tip of this pen and the nib will come out in the opposite end.

o Nowadays, you are going to come across ballpoint pens of various types like erasable pens, space pens, transparent pens, easy grip pen and much more. Various businesses have brought innovative designs and technology in the industry. The majority of them can be easily browsed and bought online.

It’s true that writing is now less today with computers, lap tops and I-pads. However, nothing has so far replaced the ballpoint pens which you can use to write something quickly or put your ideas down in your diary.

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